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Interior Sterilizer Refurbishing
Applies to Steam & ETO Sterilizers
If the inside surfaces of your sterilizers are covered with rust, greenish or black residue, that is oxidation build-up that can reduce sterilizer effectiveness and energy efficiency. It will also effect the drying efficiency.

After several years of use, most sterilizers experience oxidation build-up of chamber walls, door linings and end-rings.  Processing sterile goods under these conditions can be at the least - distasteful, but more importantly, can be less efficient than processing in a clean chamber. The heat radiation processes need clean, uniform surfaces to insure a fully effective drying cycle. GLASS BEAD CLEANING can solve the oxidation build-up problem without compromising the metal clad layers of these surfaces.

Sterilizer Refurbishing
After the
Cleaning Process
Before & After the Sterilizer Refurbishing and Cleaning ProcessZimmer Contracting Services, Inc. offer a sterilizer chamber and door cleaning service. We use a "glass bead" process developed by a major sterilizer manufacture. We purchased our cleaning equipment and the sterilizing procedure from the manufacturer. The process involves a portable vacuum glass bead recovery system that removes unsightly black, rust or greenish residue from the chamber walls of your sterilizer. The glass bead system is dust free and will not interfere with the function of your department. The glass bead removes all oxidation and residue from the chamber walls without compromising the metal clad of the surface. The interior of your sterilizer will be in "as new" condition with a satin finish. The satin finish improves the sterilizer efficiency and drying, as well as daily cleaning.

Zimmer Contracting offers one day service or less in many cases. We furnish all the necessary tools and equipment to complete the on-site cleaning. The service will be scheduled at your convenience!

All work complies with an Occupational Safety and Health Program, developed by R. L. Holman, CIP, CSP. We carry maximum liability insurance. A certificate of insurance is available upon request.

To maintain the maximum efficiency of your sterilizer, we recommend an annual contract. Pricing is available upon request.


   Benefits of the "Glass Bead" Sterilizer Refurbishment:

  • UNIFORM SURFACE Provides More Efficient Drying
  • REMOVES THE IMPOSSIBLE Baked-On Residue & Oxidation
  • PORTABLE AND ON-SITE - no costly down time like factory-based cleaning programs
  • CAN also clean loading equipment, such as racks, shelves and carts
    • ONE DAY SERVICES - or less in many cases
    • NO DISRUPTION of Department Operation
    • DUST FREE WORK AREA due to the vacuum recovery system
    • ALL TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT provided by Zimmer Contracting Services, Inc., NO NEED to furnish compressors or other items

    We also can supply replacement sterilizer carts and carriages

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